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How to match stockings?

If you want to stand out from the crowd in the paper, think about the matching stockings? In the cool spring, stockings can not only keep warm, but also show beautiful leg curves. Whether it's a sweater, a short skirt or shorts, it fits well. Learning Yang Mi, big cousin Liu Wen wearing long stockings, still afraid of catching the heart of the male god?
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Big cousin Liu Wen wearing a dirty pink sweater with the same color casual shoes, full of sports style, if you feel that the "dressing disappears" wearing method is a bit cold in the spring, then add a pair of stockings to keep warm, Liu Wen this Double dark socks not only modify the leg shape, but also add layering to the look.
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Power sister wearing all black look at the airport, a pair of yellow high-top boots to light up the shape, plus a pair of black over-the-knee stockings to modify, the long legs look a little thinner.
Zhejiang Mingjuan Textiles Co., Ltd.
The spring and summer socks are full of fun, echoing the loose white shirts, full of sexy, and a cool "street hipster" fan.
Guan Xiaoyu is a typical "campus style", white ball suit with white short pleated skirt, full of youth + vitality, simple white stockings fresh and full, small five-pointed star decoration above, more cute .
Huang Shengyi wore a blue shirt and interpreted the coolness of spring and summer. The stockings were the most eye-catching items. The red and blue stripes formed a small contrast, but they were simple but caught. The eyeball of the person, the overall LOOK is illuminated instantly!
Jiang Shuying is this the rhythm of "pink beauty girl"? The white sweater skirt is interpreted as "the bottom of the dress disappears." Pink hat and pink little backpack are too young! Plus the personality of the stockings, the vitality doubled!
Shen Mengchen is wearing a pink sweater dress, and the current cherry blossom season is very suitable. The white stockings can brighten the shape.
The two pairs of socks and clothes that match the 都是 are echoed. The blue T-shirt and the blue striped socks are perfectly combined. The blue color is very eye-catching in the summer, and the pure blue gives a strong visual impact. When she was wearing a red sweater, the socks were embellished with red stripes, and there was no shortage of caution.
Ma Sichun's interpretation of the street sports style, white letter sweater with black straight skirt simple and versatile, black stockings increase the level of styling and rhythm, foot white shoes, youthful burst.
The gray LOOK has a bit more intellectual and gas field, and the gray stockings echo the gray suit.
In addition to the casual style of the above stockings with sneakers, the original stockings can also be worn with high heels, stylish and sexy, full of personality.
Song Jia’s body shape is very individual. The printed shirt is folded in a printed jacket, which looks like a complicated print. But the black short skirt and the dark over-the-knee socks underneath the weight of the shape, the “two ends echo” is very overall. , stockings with cool high heels wear no sense of disobedience.
It’s also very sexy to wear the sweet stockings of the sweet Song Zuer. Whether it is with flat shoes or high heels, you can hold the audience with the gas field, and this translucent stocking can also be used to modify the leg shape. The role.
Sun Yi presents two different styles with different combinations of stockings. The white sneakers are paired with dark coffee-colored knee-length stockings, which are full of leisure, and the color of the stockings and the tops echo, so there is no abrupt feeling. The second set of LOOK is paired with a pair of cool high heels, because the overall shape is very refreshing, so with a pair of white sports wind stockings is also no violation.
Is there any domineering in this street shooting? ! ! ! Inside, the white irregular dress reveals a sense of youth, and the large size coat is also handsome. What's more worth mentioning is the combination of high-heeled shoes and sports-striped stockings. This kind of different styles of single-pieces, as far as possible in the color, is simple, not too much, not chaotic, only advanced!
Ten actresses have ten ways to match, and a small pair of stockings has so many fashionable highlights. There is also a warm legend about stockings.
There was a kind-hearted aristocrat who lived with his daughters alone, tried many inventions, failed, but also exhausted his money, so they had to move to a farmhouse, and his daughters had to personally Cooking, sewing and cleaning. The daughters went to the age of marriage, and he had no money to buy dowry for their daughters. One night, after washing the clothes, the daughters hang the stockings in front of the fireplace to dry. After the sage Nicholas knew about their father's situation, they came to their home that night. He saw from the window that the family had fallen asleep and noticed the girls' stockings. He took three small bags of gold from his pocket and dropped them one by one from the chimney and fell into the girls' stockings. The next morning, the daughters woke up and found that their stockings were filled with gold, enough for them to buy a dowry. Later, children from all over the world inherited the tradition of hanging Christmas stockings. (I finally know the origin of Christmas stockings~)
2019 Spring and Summer Milan Fashion Week Prada Show
2019 Spring and Summer New York Fashion Week Marc Jacobs Show
The stockings not only have a sense of time, but also a very fashionable style. In the spring and summer fashion week show of 2019, stockings are "leading", and the transparent texture of the tulle stockings is sexy and mysterious, in 2019. Spring and summer of the year can start!
The stockings are still a street shooting "tool", and many fashionable ones are used with it to go out concave shape.
The fashionista wears a pullover with a plaid skirt for a breathable look, and the black over-the-knee stocking makes the legs look slimmer!
Wearing a long coat can easily create a handsome "fashion disappears."
If you feel that all black is dull, add a light-colored skirt to bring a little freshness.
Black over-the-knee stockings make it easy to wear a handsome and stylish locomotive style with thick-soled shoes and long legs.
When the overall shape is gray, then the gray stockings come in handy, the overall harmony is not abrupt, it is a very comfortable color match.
The stockings have been on fire for a long time. When it’s spring or autumn, the fashionable people will wear out the “long-legged” legs. If you don’t start this fashionable item, the spring will slip away.