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2019 Shanghai Socks Fair played "socks +" three new heights

The new term "Internet +" that appeared in the past few years has been widely accepted today. The economic form has been constantly changing with the development of the society. The emergence of "Internet +" has effectively matched the supply and demand of resources effectively, and has added new developments and new forms of business to the original industry.
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A single-piece sock has evolved from a consumer's daily necessities into a fashion, trend, and functional object. Based on this, the organizers of the industry-famous Shanghai International Socks Sourcing Fair (referred to as: Shanghai Socks Fair CHPE) will hold the sister company exhibition - Shanghai International Fashion Fair in the same period, with a forward-looking development vision and a keen eye for the industry. The insights for exhibitors to open up the resources of the relevant vertical industries, the performance of a "sock +" costume event at the exhibition.
"Socks + Life Underwear"
 As a part of life underwear, the socks themselves are highly integrated into the underwear industry in terms of sales channels and product positioning. The third theme of Shanghai International Fashion Show is “Shanghai International Lifestyle Fashion Show”. With the continuous integration of underwear into the life scene, "socks + life underwear", the industry chain has developed from home clothes and pajamas, thermal underwear, bras, underwear, socks and leggings to sports and seamless underwear, maternal and child Products, etc. A group of exhibitors such as Baonas, Yidie, Menglong, Karamay, Yourun and Qianfeifeier have expanded their product lines to bring more exquisite and exquisite exhibits to the audience.
"Socks + Hat Scarf Gloves"
In the past, we sorted socks by material, and now we reposition the socks on the demand side. The emergence of the word "explosive money" has already included some of the socks in fashion products. The Shanghai International Fashion Show held concurrently with the Shanghai Socks Fair is composed of three major themed exhibitions. The “Shanghai International Hat Scarf Gloves Exhibition” is one of the most important contents. "Socks + Hat Scarf Gloves" can accurately extract the exquisite items such as "exquisite stockings, female stockings, trend printing socks" in the original Shanghai Socks Fair. These products are worn with hats, scarves, gloves and other apparel products. After the overall collocation, it will help Fenli, Yongchun Technology, Manzi, Beauty Watch, New Impression, Desai, Color Life and other enterprises to perfectly lock in the market demand of women's clothing, Haute Couture, hip hop hipsters.
"socks + shoes"
 Some internationally renowned designers have designed the products below the knee (under the boot) to lead the trend, so it seems that socks and shoes have become a perfect CP. Another theme exhibition of Shanghai International Fashion Show is “Shanghai International Footwear Exhibition”. "Socks + shoes", along with the birth of "flying sneakers (socks shoes)" in recent years has broken the clear boundaries of this two categories of products. Under the influence of this combination, high-quality enterprises from Oriental Baifu, Yarun, R&F, Hande, Wells, Yiheng will focus on “functional sports socks”, “men's business socks” and “bottoming boats”. Socks and other products.
At the inaugural meeting of Dharma Institute (Alibaba Global Research Institute) at the end of 2017, Ma Yun, the then chairman of Alibaba, threw out the annual saying: "We can only succeed if we dare to cross the border." The “Shanghai International Socks Fair CHPE”, which has undergone 14 years of development, is constantly following the trend, and is motivated to serve the market segments to open up more cross-border new business opportunities and channels for exhibitors.
The 14th Shanghai International Hosiery Sourcing Fair CHPE will be co-hosted by Aite (Asia) Exhibition Co., Ltd., Shanghai Gehua Exhibition Planning Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Ai Ge Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. to jointly organize the 2019 Shanghai International Fashion Show The theme exhibition 2019 Shanghai International Lifestyle Fashion Exhibition, 2019 Shanghai International Hat Scarf Gloves Exhibition and 2019 Shanghai International Footwear Exhibition were grandly opened at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Hall on March 20-22. The 50,000 square meters exhibition hall will gather more than 700 exhibiting companies. The exhibits include high-quality enterprises such as hosiery, lifestyle underwear, hats, scarves, gloves, accessories and footwear. According to statistics, overseas audiences are expected. With over 2,000 registered people, it is expected to attract 15,000 professional visitors from home and abroad.