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Zhejiang Mingjue Textile Co., Ltd. is located in Haining, a leather

capital with rich products and prosperous market. It is a privately-

owned enterprise specializing in manufacturing high-end brands. It

has a large scale and strong technical force. It has the world's most

advanced computer hosiery equipment, modern factory buildings

and manufacturing workshops, a group of high-quality technicians

and advanced scientific management system.

We are a privately-owned company specializing in the manufacture of high-end brands, with a large scale and strong technical force.

Through the efforts of the company's professional and technical personnel research and management team, it has won the favor of Chinese and foreign customers, and has a cooperative relationship with many international big brands.

Must-haves of the new collection

The company has been committed to the development of all

kinds of fashion socks and functional socks for many years.

Wonderful sharing of information

If you want to stand out from the crowd in the paper, think about the matching stockings? In the cool spring, stockings can not only keep warm, but also show beautiful leg curves. Whether it's a sweater, a short skirt or shorts, it fits well. Learning Yang Mi, big cousin Liu Wen wearing long stockings, still afraid of catching the heart of the male god?
On the occasion of the convening of the two sessions in March 2019, the state continued to implement large-scale tax reductions and reductions, just like “the spring thunder rang, and Wan Hao woke up.” The tax reduction and fee reduction measures for domestic manufacturing were also sent to textile enterprises. The first big gift bag after the spring.
The new term "Internet +" that appeared in the past few years has been widely accepted today. The economic form has been constantly changing with the development of the society. The emergence of "Internet +" has effectively matched the supply and demand of resources effectively, and has added new developments and new forms of business to the original industry.

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